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We make your products into

impact-objects that

clean up the ocean

Be part of the cleanup

More than 8000 volunteers
have cleaned over 42 000 tons of
garbage from Norwegian shores.
Your company can contribute to
cleanups through Ogoori Nature
and get valuable data in return.


ocean plastic 

We recycle ocean plastic to pellets that can be used in new products. To make sure that the materials will never end up at sea again, we don't sell it. If you want to use this traced ocean plastic you have to rent it from us. We'll help you figure out how to make your products traced and circular.
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Takk for interessen!


What if your products could clean the ocean? If you use Ogoori-plastic, a part of the rent for the material will go to beach cleanups. And we deliver data that tells the story about the good your products do for nature.
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