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Ocean Plastic from

the North of Norway

The plastic you are looking at is cleaned from the ocean.
Ogoori takes ownership and offers upcycled raw material to manufacturers, as a service.
A part of this plastic has already become new products
like the Coast bench from Vestre.

Plastic in Nature

This plastic was cleaned from the areas of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark in 2019. 26 tons were found at beaches along the Båtsfjord and east to the Varanger fjord.

10 tons were cleaned from Lofoten and 13 tons from the coast of Helgeland.


Ogoori traces all materials. We know where they come from, what has happened to them and where they are. 

This plastic was transported to Masternes, Lofoten and 

Brønnøysund. In 2020 it was processed into pellets

that can be used for new, traced products.


Of 26 tons waste, 2 tons of plastic was carefully selected for upcycling. This was Ogooris first ever production of upcycled granules made of ownerless ocean plastic.

In products

This Ogoori-plastic has now become Vestres Coast bench

which has been further leased to:

Bergen Aquarium

VilVite Science Centre

Runde Environmental Centre 

Wärtsilä Norway

Bjarke Ingels Group

in parks in Berlin and Stockholm

Clean Nature

Ogoori takes ownership of ocean plastic, and keeps it in a traced closed loop. 

We never want it to end up at sea again.

Today we have 1 ton of this plastic in storage.

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