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Næringslivet rydder opp

Plast som blir ryddet langs kysten i dag blir stort sett brent eller havner i deponi. Ogoori tar vare på eierløs havplast, og setter den inn i et lukket kretsløp som kan bli til nye produkter. Historien om oppryddingen følger med plasten helt til produktene. Når dere finansierer ryddeaksjoner, blir historien om bidraget med ut til publikum. I tillegg får dere impact-data fra ryddingen som kan brukes i egne rapporter og kanaler.
Historien som leses på Vestres Coast-benk, laget av Ogoori-plast
Contribute to beach cleanups.
You will receive a report with impact-data showing how your contribution helps nature. The plastic from these cleanups will be recycled and traced in closed loops. We never want it to end up in nature again.

step by step

Ogoori Nature


The financial contribution

from your company goes to

a planned beach cleanup

in Norway. 

Beach cleanup

Experienced beach cleaners

choose an area in collaboration

with researchers, and

go out to clean up nature.

Cleanup report

We deliver a report with

impact-data showing your contribution

and how you take responsibility

for cleaning up nature.


All the plastic that can be recycled

will enter into a closed traced loop,

and the story of the cleanup 

will follow it to inspire others.


The clean area is marked in a map.


We tell you about animals, birds, fish and ecosystems in the area.

Amount of waste

We gather data on how much waste is cleand and how much plastic is upcycled.

Beach cleaners

Young people come from all over the world to participate in beach cleanups. They tell their stories too.

We want to contribute

Thanks for your interest!

I would like to know more about how my company can contribute to Ogoori beach cleanups

Businesses clean up
Plastic from most cleanups today either go to polluting incineration or ends up in a landfill. Ogoori takes responsibility for ownerless marine plastic and keeps it in a traced closed loop. In this way it can become new products and reduce the need for new plastic with more than ten times higher CO2-footprint. The story about the cleanup goes with the materials, and inspire more people to clean up and be responsible. If you contribute, you will receive impact-data from the cleanups to use in your own reports and channels.
The story on Coast bench by Vestre – made of Ogoori-plastic
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