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Ogoori philosophy

Regenerative business

The thought of giving nature a chance to regenerate, while we can extract resources we need, is not new. It is exactly what generations of humans have been doing for thousands of years. Now we are caught up in systems built for a linear economy, based on throwaway value creation. A real circular economy doesn't generate waste and recycling is integrated from cradle to cradle. That is what Ogoori wants to recreate.

Ogoori will create value by giving nature a chance to rehabilitate from the flood of plastic waste The more ocean plastic we place into impact-objects, the more plastic will be cleaned from the ocean. Ogoori is a not for profit business, and grows by reinvesting into more activities and revenue that documents and cleans up nature. 

Principles we follow



Ogoori leaves nature in a cleaner state than before our contribution. We aim for a positive handprint for biodiversity, ecosystems and climate.


We collect and take care of ocean plastic on behalf of society and nature. Revenue that is generated will benefit nature and communities by financing more cleanups and regenerating ecosystems.

Quadruple bottom line

We deliver value in four dimensions: People, Planet, Profit and Purpose. Ogoori shall be profitable and grow, while we create value for people by providing possibilities to contribute to cleaning up nature – and  we create value for nature through a cleaner ocean and ecosystems. We create value for the future and for society by capturing the stories about the cleanup.

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