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Ocean Plastic from


The plastic you are looking at is cleaned from the ocean.
Ogoori takes ownership and offers upcycled raw material to manufacturers, as a service.
Now, this waste can become new products, financing even more ocean cleanups.

Plastic in nature

This plastic was cleaned 15.09. 2020 from Bovika in Austevoll. The cleanup was featured on NRK as a collaboration with WWF and beach cleaners from In the Same Boat. They removed 2.1 tons of waste from nature, while Aurora held a mini concert on the shore.


Ogoori logs relevant impact-data to trace the materials. 

This plastic was stored in Bergen, shipped by train and truck to Replast for upcycling. February 2021 it was regranuled, and sent by sailing boat to our Ogoori warehouse in Stavanger, March 2022.


Out of 2.1 tons of waste, we sorted 1.8 tons of plastic.
 1.1 tons of that was eligible for upcycling, and was made into new pellets that can now be used instead of new plastic.

Clean nature

Ogoori takes responsibility for the plastic in a traced and closed cycle. We never want this to be lost at sea again. Ogoori plastic has an approximate 90 % lower carbon footprint than new plastic.

Plastic from this cleanup is now at:
Aldea Art: 10 kg
Plasto: 250 g
Salt n Wax: 250 g
Runde Miljøsenter: 250 g

Jon Amtrup: 250 g
Doorkeeper: 10 kg
Ogoori warehouse: 1 tonn

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