Ogoori supplies traceable marine plastic for innovators interested in closing the loop

Ogoori is a Norwegian startup creating economic value in ownerless marine plastic

What we do

We capture, register, evaluate and granulate.

Plastic Capture

We collect plastic through coastal cleanups and provide it to companies interested in closing the loop.

Material Properties


Every batch is registered, granulated, and evaluated by third-party partners to ensure its quality for future products.

Plastic Stories


We trace the origin of our plastic from its collection point to a final product.


Our digital passports register its chain of custody.

Circular Models


We are here for companies that want to go circular by using recycled plastic in their products by supporting beach cleanup initiatives.

Let's work together

We know that change and innovation come with many challenges as well as opportunities. We're here to support you!

1st   We start by understanding your current situation by identifying:

Your plastic requirements (functionality and technical requirements).


Where you are in the transition from a linear to circular business model.

2nd   We co-create a solution together

Our philosophy is to test, learn, adjust and then scale.

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Brands using Ogoori marine plastic

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Download Ogoori's
Business Portfolio


Our philosophy is to test, learn, adjust and then scale.


Download our business portfolio and get in touch.

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Inspired by Oguri

The company name draws inspiration from Captain Oguri Jukichi who returned to Japan as a hero, having been lost at sea longer than anyone else in history. Just as he returned to Japan as a hero, the reclaimed plastic that we’ve considered waste for so long should be treasured for its return from nature.

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Hjellestadvegen 367, 5259 Hjellestad, Norway

Org. nr. 924328657  |  Tel: +47 450 91 182

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Our Network

We have strategic alliances to help our partners transition from linear to circular business models. We understand that to create an impact, we have to develop #partnershipsforgoals (SDG17).


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Beach cleanup partners


R&D and Technology




Industrial partners

Plastic producers