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Ocean plastic from


The plastic you're looking at has been salvaged from the sea.

Ogoori recycles it and leases it as raw material.

Now the plastic can become new products,

financing even more cleanups.

Plastic in nature

This specific plastic was cleaned up on September 15th 2020 from Bovika in Austevoll at the coast of West Norway. The cleanup was part of NRKs TV-action in cooperation with WWF and In The Same Boat.

They cleaned 2.1 tonnes of garbage from nature, while Aurora was singing to cheer them on.


Ogoori logs all data in a blockchain to trace the materials. This plastic was stored in Bergen and transported by train and truck to Replast to be recycled. In February 2021 it was processed to become new raw materials, and then sent by sailing boat to Ogoori storage in Stavanger, March 2022.

Ogoori plast Granulat.png


Of 2.1 tonnes garbage

we got 1.8 tonnes of plastic.

A fraction of 1.1 tonnes was recyclable

and turned in to granules that can be used

in the place of virgin plastic.

Clean nature

Ogoori keeps the plastic safe in a traced, closed loop. To make sure it never ends up as waste at sea again.

Plastic from this cleanup is now at:

Aldea Art: 10 kg

Plasto: 250 g

Salt n Wax: 250g

Runde Miljøsenter: 250 g

Doorkeeper: 10 kg

Ogoori storage: 1 t

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