Ogoori constantly works with researchers to guarantee the safety and quality of our material. We are working with ISO approved testing institutions for continuous testing on our batches for technical quality, and toxicology. This is so that our customers can be sure of its origin, composition, toxicology and mechanical properties. The colour of the granulates comes from the predominant material in the waste collected.

NORCE collaboration

NORCE researcher II, Marte Haave, an eco-toxicologist is commissioned by Ogoori to study the chemical toxicology of our Ogoori’s marine plastic. With the knowledge gained, this will then help to establish protocol on sampling and removal of environmental toxins in the process, serving to answer the question, “How can the material be used safely?” In partnership with Haave, Ogoori will produce a material safety data sheet.​

NOSCA Clean shores collaboration

Ogoori is also participating in a work group about microplastic, organised by NOSCA Clean Shores, a cluster-program with the purpose of using over 45 years of oil spill knowledge in the war against plastic in the oceans. We will keep learning about microplastics and marine plastic, and the effect on environment with our partners.