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Tackling Plastic Pollution: Ogoori Paves Way for Positive Impact

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Ogoori is creating a positive impact on the environment, the economy, and society.

Plastic cleanup action in 2020 in Bergen, Norway with ITSB and Clean Shores crew. Photo: Larissa Slottet.

Our impact will be more significant for every new client we have. This is why.

Dugnad to Lock Plastic in Sustainable Products

Ogoori’s marine plastic was once trash in nature, and now you can store it in objects that your brand will create to contribute to the big clean-up mission. Ogoori coordinates a circular value chain to tackle, through its business, one of our planet's major problems: plastic pollution. Beach cleanup organizations, research institutions, designers, the plastic industry, and several conscious brands have now joined our action. We understand that to create a relevant impact, we have to develop #partnershipsforgoals (SDG17). We feel that our mission is to organize a vital dugnad[1], where we will be responsible for cleaning up the plastic mess from nature and keeping it with humanity. Every new client we have will add power to the impact we are creating.

Ogoori’s innovation is a win-win for conscious brands that aim to innovate and create sustainable products. On the one hand, using Ogoori material in new products contributes to the big clean-up; on the other, you will innovate towards a circular economy. We call a circular economy when a business contributes to reducing waste and regenerating the planet instead of exploiting it. Any product made with Ogoori plastic is a circular product. What Ogoori is bringing to the market is an excellent solution for companies that aim to transit into green growth[2].

Creating Value Through Storytelling

Ogoori supports cleanup operations, and its material is offered with a stamp that certifies its origin. However, storytelling is one of the most relevant elements of our service. Let me bring you into an imaginary moment in the near future. Imagine that you are walking in a park somewhere, and you see a beautiful bench. When you get close to it, you see Ogoori stamp on the slats made of marine plastic. You read the barcode with your phone, and you get to know that this plastic was captured in Lofoten island in 2018 by the crew of In The Same Boat[3]. Then it was recycled by Noprec, in north Norway, and finally, it became the slats that you can see on this bench.

Can you already see our innovation becoming a reality? We can!

Vestre's Coast Bench made of Ogoori's ownerless marine plastic.

In 2020, Vestre launched Coast, a bench made of Ogoori plastic. To follow Ogoori’s business model, Coast will be offered to the market in an innovative model, with a life cycle guarantee. In case of degradation, Vestre will replace the elements of the bench. To use Ogoori’s material, businesses have to rethink their product from the start to the end of their life cycle. Rethink the components, the packaging, and how to keep traceability of them. So, (re)design is a crucial element to create a green economy. Strategic steps have to be designed, following careful analysis of a company’s unique strengths, challenges, and business model. And Ogoori solution is an effective tool to bring to businesses a positive move in the transition to a more sustainable operation.

Disruptive Business Model

By joining Ogoori initiative, your business will reduce waste and start to reuse raw material. Ogoori's solution offers companies tools to transition from a linear (take, make, use, waste) into a circular economy, where we integrate recycling, repair, and reuse into production and consumption.

We created the concept MaaS (Material as a Service), where we supply the raw material in a subscription model. This innovation is the way we close the loop of consumption and reducing waste. We offer the raw material's reliability and the guarantee that once this plastic is captured from nature, it will not become astray again. Together with our clients, we will keep marine plastic in a closed loop of consumption.

And our positive impact does not stop there! By joining our initiative, brands will also be tracking Ogoori’s five focus SDGs: 9, 11, 12, 14, and 17. We create a positive impact and bring innovation into the SDG areas for industry, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption, life below water, and partnership for goals. “Strong and visionary business leadership is essential to achieving the transformation required by the Sustainable Development Goals” (UN 2017).

Ogoori and its partners want to clean up plastic that has gone astray out in nature and store it into objects. And to close the loop so that plastic we manage to capture can be stopped from polluting the environment ever again. For every new client we have, we generate more impact in the beach clean-up and circular economy. Using Ogoori material, your company will avoid more wildlife loss, CO2 emissions and tackle plastic pollution. And will be able to innovate towards a circular and regenerative economy.

Larissa Slottet

[1] Dugnad is a Norwegian term for a type of community work done to fix, clean, or tidy things up. It’s a very core phenomenon for Norwegians, usually involving some manual labour. The dugnad knows no bounds and some define it as “Norwegian community contract,” reminding you that duty comes before the rights.

[2] Green growth is the increase of economic activities in addition to the decrease of environmental impacts, where the productivity of the resources should run more prominent than the activity growth. The European Commission (EC) defines green growth as an aim “to create more value while using fewer resources and substituting them with more environmentally favourable choices wherever possible.”

[3] In The Same Boat is a partner of Ogoori, and is a non-profit organisation that combines professional methods and volunteering with the ambition to cleanup 200 000 beaches by 2025, and bringing in 10 000 tonnes of plastic rubbish. Their bases move along the Norwegian coastline.

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