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Prime Minister Erna Solberg at Bergen Cleanup hosted by Clean Shores


Bergen, 6th September 2020 – A clean-up campaign at Nordre Rotøyna is organised and led by Rune Gaasø from Clean Shores, who pulled together organisations such as In The Same Boat Vestland (supported by Agenda Vestlandet Foundation, created by the Norwegian bank, Sparebanken Vest), Naturvernforbundet, Keep Norway Clean, Bergen Og Omland Friluftsråd, Redningsselskap and many more.

The special occasion invited Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Ogoori to the cove to cleanup and start a dialogue around the plastic objects found there, as well as on Norway’s recent poor performance on circularity rate at 2.4%, below the global average at 8.6%. The finding is found in the Circularity Report 2020 published by The Circularity Gap Reporting Initiative, an initiative of Circle Economy, an impact organisation dedicated to accelerating the transition to the circular economy.

Both In The Same Boat and Ogoori are supported by Agenda Vestlandet Foundation, where their purpose is to promote sustainable projects within two main pillars, «Sustainable sea» and «green conversion», that will contribute to the business development in western Norway. They also help to accelerate ocean plastic cleanups and build the Regenerative Circular Value Chain. Siren Sundland, Chairperson of Agenda Vestland has also joined the cleanup crew.

Runa Andersen, ITSB; Siren Sundland, Chairperson of Agenda Vestlandet, Sparebank Vest; and Larissa Slottet, CEO of Ogoori. (From Left to Right)

Larissa Slottet, CEO of Ogoori joined in on the cleanup action and got to hand over a jar of plastic granulate to Prime Minister Erna Solberg. The jar contains 0.17kg of 100% ownerless marine plastic granulate originated from the beaches of Lofoten, Finnmark and Helgeland, and picked up by In The Same Boat cleanup crew in 2019. The plastic granulate is produced at NOPREC and registered on Empower plastic blockchain system. Prime Minister Erna Solberg will hold onto the jar of granulate until Ogoori are ready to include it in design objects.

Blockchain technology ensures that the origin of ocean plastic is traceable and transparent. Information of the materials is stored on the blockchain app all the way from the collection point via recycling, production and use phase, as well as through future use cycles of the ocean plastic products.

Norway has a long way to go to reach a circular society, but the event today demonstrates the power of collaboration between organisations to bring about the Regenerative Circular Value Chain for the plastic industry in Norway. Ogoori and their partners are ready to create the new plastic circular economy that Norway desperately needs.

About Ogoori

Ogoori is a Norwegian ocean impact startup company founded by the Norwegian value driven furniture brands Vestre and Ope. Ogoori capture stories of marine litter and deliver them as a service that creates value to the end user. Ogoori’s main functions are receiving the ownerless marine waste from beach cleaner partners, managing research and development, and the industrial process turning it to plastic granulate. This will be offered to the market in a subscription model named Material as a Service (MaaS), through what we call a Regenerative Circular Value Chain. Ogoori will offer traceable plastic raw materials collected from the ocean with a guarantee of origin through blockchain technology.

Contact details:

Larissa Slottet, CEO. Email: larissa@ogoori.eco

Rune Gaasø, Cofounder of Ogoori. Email: rune@ogoori.eco

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Ogoori is linking the partners: Ope, Vestre, In the same boat, Miljøvernforbundet, Levende Hav, Clean Shores and Noprec.


Ogoori represents a community of beach cleaners, waste-, plastic- and finished goods industries as well as their customers, who jointly take responsibility where others have not, and create a truly regenerative and sustainable economy.


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