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Pitching Ogoori Model to Sustainability Experts on the Fauna Experiment Program

Today, Ogoori team got valuable insight from seven experts in the field of business strategy, sustainability, finance and more, for the Fauna Experiment program.

Tore Gjedebo, CEO of InvesTore and backing the Fauna Experiment program, has 25 years investment experience in startup, scaleups and sponsoring of investment companies. He has been managing his own family office, specialising on growing entrepreneurs in the Nordics, Europe and Asia. He stated that although money is important, the exchange of know-how is very valuable tool for companies in the early stage. This is why the program is focused on training and exchange of experiences.

The team of experts brought in diverse experiences, and we got the opportunities to receive inputs from people in the field of green growth, sustainable finance, business strategy, supply chain management, IT and technology. From this group, we had several enthusiasts and optimists, but also we faced those who are sceptical and made us get out of our little bubble and have a broader perspective of the market that we will face.

“For me the most exciting thing was to listen to all different points of views of advisors, and be challenged to answer questions that I haven’t thought about before. This experience made me stronger and ready to face future partners. I am looking forward to keep pitching Ogoori’s mission and absorbing different points of views to make our solution even more efficient,” says Larissa Slottet, CEO of Ogoori.

We got to meet a network of like-minded entrepeneurs from different regions in Norway, and spent 20 minutes talking to each expert on Ogoori’s business model and ambitions.

“I was excited to learn how different people understand Ogoori’s concept and business model. We need to keep in mind that we are creating value for different target groups within our value chain. And so we have to understand and focus on how we can be useful for each one of them,” says Ka Man Mak, Head of Communications of Ogoori.

We are very thankful for the initiative and Fauna's team who put this all together, and also for the experts that took their time to help us figure out the challenges and opportunities we will be facing along the way.

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