Ogoori Selected into Stavanger’s Fauna Experiment Program

Updated: Feb 15

This year, Tore and Siw Gjedebo, together with Innovation Dock launched the Fauna experiment program, an initiative focused on strengthening tomorrow’s sustainable companies by making their environmental responsibility and sustainable development a profitable competitive advantage. Through their company, Investore AS, Tore and Siw Gjedebo will also provide circular investments to companies participating in the program.

Innovation Dock, located in Stavanger, is a coworking space and innovation environment that today houses over 60 companies. They have broad expertise in facilitation and business development, and are expanding to Sandnes.

At the end of June, the Fauna Experiment opened their application, totalling 75 applicants. Only 7 companies were selected to participate in the program. Ogoori is excited to announce that we are one of the seven companies that has been accepted.

“The companies in the program are equal to the extent that we share ambitions, but different in relation to our experiences - we all want to drive innovation and create a sustainable economy. This is not an easy task, but with the support offered in the program, I have built up my confidence that change is possible and I look forward to the continuation," says Larissa Slottet, Chief Executive Officer of Ogoori.

Participants are assessed accordingly to criteria such as degree of innovation, the structure of business model and value base. The program lasts for a year, and participants get to learn tools based on MIT's proven entrepreneurial methodology, listen to academic speakers on sustainability, and be in a pay-it-forward culture for the next generation of business.

Fauna Experiment’s vision is that “all companies should minimize the product's possible damage to the environment throughout the value chain and put good product and process design in the forefront.”

We would like to thank the initiators of Fauna experiment program for this opportunity to grow, learn and network!

Read more about the fauna experiment here

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