Ogoori On New Ways of Doing Plastic Business With Ope and Vestre

Updated: Feb 15

On Wednesday 4th September, Ogoori sat down with Ope and Vestre for an exciting workshop session at Vestre premises in Oslo. We defined and developed the value creation that Ogoori can bring to the current plastic industrial processes.

Vestre got to also show us The Plus, the world’s most environmentally friendly furniture factory, that they will build in Magnor, Norway. Vestre aims to inspire others to take part in the "green shift" and prove that they can compete in the globally from Scandinavia. Ogoori is looking forward to see furniture pieces made of marine plastic coming out of this futuristic green factory.

The key takeaway message from the workshop was to place responsibility on the producers so that the products do not end up as waste in our environment. There is no doubt that resources on our planet are being depleted and reusing these resources that do not rely on the oil feedstock is a way going forward into the future.

This is where the rental model of our products made of marine plastic fits right into building a sustainable, circular society where waste is recirculated into the system. Both to restore nature and keeping plastics in a closed-loop system, traceable through blockchain technology.

Vestre is excited to launch their new product made of Ogoori’s 100% ownerless marine plastic, and we got to sneak a peek of the prototype. We are so ecstatic to see our collaboration with Vestre and Ope is paving way to find solutions to our current plastic crisis and becoming a realisation.

Stay tuned on this space!

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