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Larissa Slottet Appointed As Ogoori’s New CEO


Oslo (Norway), 29th May 2020 – Larissa Slottet has been appointed as Ogoori’s new CEO. She has officially joined the cross-functional and diverse team to lead the sustainable business model and circular operations in early May 2020.

“Larissa's unique combination of passion, skills, and background made her our first choice to lead Ogoori in spearheading the transition to a new business paradigm,” says Lars Urheim, initiator of Ogoori and CEO of Ope AS. “I really look forward to working closely with Larissa so that we can execute the strategy to turn Ogoori into a valuable tool for our business partners, and allow them to grow with a positive effect on the environment.”

Larissa is a creative green growth specialist with a passion for the ocean. She has more than 12 years of operational and advisory background in international relations, and has built a rich network among the commercial relations between Norway and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Connection to Ocean and Sustainability

“I always had a special relationship with the ocean, and the sea has always attracted me. I have been a surfer and a sailor, which reinforced my passion for the planet. This ended up guiding me to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle and become a green growth specialist later. Working for Ogoori is a dream come true because the company's mission burns in my heart.”

Larissa adds, “Ogoori's business is disrupting the system by closing the loop on marine litter, prompting other companies to take responsibility in the cleanup and adapt to the circular model. Ogoori has clear ambitions to shape the future of the market and help other companies to become more sustainable, increasing economic activities in addition to decreasing the environmental damage. A complete example of a green growth business, which I'm proud to be part of."

Larissa Slottet crossing the Atlantic ocean. Photo: Private.

Prior to her new role, Larissa has been Executive Director of Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (BNCC), and Creative Director and Consultant of Culturas, an organisation specialises in cross-cultural communications.

“In our search for a CEO for Ogoori, we were looking for a brave warrior for nature, an educated and developed business mindset, and one with a track record of people skills. In Larissa, we found all of these, and she continues to impress us from an abundance of bonuses,” says Rune Gaasø, cofounder of Ogoori and environmental activist.

Sparebanken Vest funds Ogoori

Ogoori is now being funded partially by Agenda Vestlandet Foundation, created by the Norwegian bank, Sparebanken Vest, to accelerate ocean plastic cleanups and build the Circular Value Chain. Agenda Vestlandet Foundation’s purpose is to promote sustainable projects within two main pillars, «Sustainable sea» and «green conversion», that will contribute to the business development in western Norway.

About Ogoori

Ogoori is a Norwegian startup creating economic value in ownerless marine plastic waste. The plastic is collected through coastal cleanups and is offered to companies interested in closing the loop. The origin and story of the plastic can be followed by everyone on an accessible digital passport that illustrates the chain of custody. Every batch is registered, granulated, and evaluated by third-party partners to ensure its quality for future products. Ogoori strategic alliances to help our partners transition from linear to circular business models.

Contact details:

Larissa Slottet, CEO.


Rune Gaasø, Cofounder of Ogoori.


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