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Are you our Senior Intern?

We are especially looking for a 65+ problem solver, who is retired (and maybe bored), who understands the challenge of a truck driver trying to load a heap of plastic garbage anywhere along the Norwegian coast, and who enjoys sharing knowledge and experiences.

Our diverse, multicultural team of dedicated professionals is about to build a circular economy for sustainability in business, and we need someone who can handle logistics (land and sea) and industrial plastic operations (in a 50% intern position). If you are excited to explore a new, green and innovative adventure, you may be our next reliable eco-warrior.

Ogoori is a Norwegian ocean impact startup company founded by value-driven furniture brands - Vestre and Ope. Ogoori captures stories of marine litter and delivers them as a service that creates value to the end user. Ogoori’s main functions are receiving the ownerless marine waste from beach cleaner partners and managing the industrial process by turning the waste into plastic granulate.

Ogoori is dedicated to finding a senior intern who is fluent in Norwegian and English, with a great knowledge of the Norwegian geography, and preferably with experience in the plastic industry. To flourish in our team, you have to be outgoing, have a good sense of humour, and have strong relationship and communication skills. Ideally, you are interested in environmental and sustainability issues. At Ogoori, we don’t want you to feel that you need to tick all the boxes. We are looking for you, to help keep building each one of us up and be part of the transition towards the circular economy.

If you are this unique individual, who wants to come back to the work market, to build relations and communication bridges with Ogoori’s partners that are involved in the value chain for the new plastic industry, send us your CV and a covering letter!

Please send your CV and covering letter to Larissa Slottet, larissa@ogoori.eco by October 30th.

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