Ogoori's business model is:


because we are encouraging brands to close the loop through traceability and drive the transition towards a circular economy.


through reusing and upcycling ownerless marine plastic, we support cleanup operations and avoid incineration.


by tracing the chain of custody through our digital passport, we avoid waste at the end of the product's lifecycle.


by driving the transition towards a circular economy and changing the way we do business.

Green Goals



We are creating an impact on the environment, economy and society



“Strong and visionary business leadership is essential to achieving the transformation required by the Sustainable Development Goals” (UN 2017).

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Collaboration is the key to success

We have alliances in strategic areas to help our partners transition from linear to circular business models.


We collaborate with external researchers to guarantee the safety and quality of our material. Each batch is tested for its technical quality and toxicology through ISO approved institutions. The colour of the granulates may vary as it reflects the waste collected.

Technical Data Sheet

Our batches are documented with information of their origin, toxicology, and come with a technical data sheet that includes composition and mechanical properties.


Ogoori's digital passport

We collaborate with our technology partner, Empower, to provide each batch with a digital passport. This ensures that the changes in ownership are documented throughout the product's life cycle.

Storytelling for accountability

The stories reflect everyone involved in creating a product. This begins at where the plastic is found, to its transition into a circular product. This creates intangible value and reflects responsibility and accountability for the whole circular value chain.

"Sustainable development is development that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

 - Gro Harlem Brundtland, WCED 1987