Ocean plastic from


The plastic you're looking at has been salvaged from the sea.

Ogoori recycles it and leases it as raw material.

Now the plastic can become new products,

financing even more cleanups.

Plastic in nature

This specific material is from a wreckbay in Ulvøya at the West Coast of Norway. The cleanup action was organised as a kick-off for the BCC's plastsmart program. 18 CEOs from businesses in Bergen area participated.


Ogoori logs all data in a blockchain to trace the materials. This plastic was transported to ...

10 kilos of granulate wassent  for testing and research at SINTEF Polymerlab.

Ogoori plast Granulat.png


2 metric tonnes of plastic was collected.

xxx... is turned in to granules that can now be

used in the place of virgin plastic.

Clean nature

Ogoori keeps the plastic safe in a traced, closed loop. To make sure it never ends up as waste at sea again.

Plastic from this cleanup is now at:

Ogoori storage: 1 t