Ogoori is helping conscious brands to commit in protecting our oceans and adopt the circular model through the use of marine plastic.

Plastic Polluted Ocean

Ogoori is a Norwegian ocean impact startup that captures stories of humanity’s action in coastal cleanups and supplies the market with 100% Ownerless Ocean Plastic Granulate.

Ogoori turns marine plastic into the most valuable plastic option for conscious brands and companies who aim to make their practices more environmentally and socially responsible.


Ogoori’s Regenerative Value Chain is making progress in cleaning up our ocean. But we need more companies to get on board with investments and action.





51 trillion

microplastic particles litter our ocean and seas. This seriously endangers marine life.
(source: UN Marine Conference 2017)

Ogoori is supporting the cleanups of 1000 tonnes of marine plastic along the Norwegian coastline by 2020.

Ogoori aims to create economic value for this marine plastic, avoiding this to be incinerated, going into landfill or returning back into the ocean. 

What we do?


Ogoori Sponsors ocean cleaner organisations and secures the possession of the ocean plastic. The story of the plastic will be registered once it is picked up from the coast. This will secure the guarantee of its origin.



Ogoori linked with industry partners will turn marine waste into plastic granulate. This material is available on a subscription model. Ogoori’s users retains the plastic until the end of the product's life cycle, then return it, avoiding future ocean pollution.



Though blockchain technology, Ogoori will build a digital DNA for the material from its collection into the product, and continue through multiple life cycles. 



Ogoori aims to influence other companies adopting circular economy. Products created with Ogoori’s plastic should be offered to the final consumer in a closed loop. Ogoori will be the final destination of this material before its new life cycle to avoid plastic going astray again. 

Inspired by Oguri

The company name draws inspiration from Captain Oguri Jukichi who returned to Japan as a hero, having been lost at sea longer than anyone else in history. Just as he returned to Japan as a hero, the reclaimed plastic that we’ve considered waste for so long should be treasured for its return from nature.


Through Ogoori, the lost plastic will find new value through technology, storytelling and circular economics.

Our Services

Plastic flow 

Ogoori provides traceable ocean plastic, with a digital passport using blockchain technology. This is a 100% guarantee of origin.  


Our plastic provides with a certificate of origin - ‘Ogoori stamp’.  


By subscribing to Ogoori material, you are empowering more clean-up operations and fighting marine waste pollution. 


You can subscribe for 5, 20, or 50 years of using Ogoori material. Together, we stop plastic going astray.  

Green Growth Consultancy

Regenerative Design 


Ogoori knowledgeable team is ready to: 


Provide you green growth consultancy and help you adapt to the circular model. 


Design together with you so that we can find the best solution to incorporate circular ocean plastic in your products.  


We will build a future with you whether you plan on using Ogoori plastic for 5, 20 or 50 years. We help you design products with the cradle-to-gate approach with the expectation of evolution. 

Knowledge and Competence 



We test and analyse all the plastic we collect and use, so that our customers can be sure of its origin and composition. 


Promote knowledge about circular economy, industrial ecology, and ocean plastic. 


Provide educational tools to avoid plastic pollution.  


We write and promote stories of good business practices towards green growth. 

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Ogoori stories of humanity saving our ocean

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