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About Ogoori

Short History

Ogoori was born from the project, “From Beach to Boardroom”. The project has now transformed itself into a company that Ope and Vestre have set up, called “Ogoori”. The company name is inspired from the Japanese sailor who was lost at sea for the longest time on record, and found his way back, as ocean plastics will in time.

Ogoori will function as a way of documenting the whole value chain, from ocean plastic to products made of ocean plastic, to whoever owns that product. Everything will be captured on the blockchain, forever immutable and telling the history of every particular piece.

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What is Ogoori?


“The initiative for the establishment of Ogoori has grown out of the close relationship with the beach cleanup community, where volunteerism and public support are the mainstay of the cleanup.” – Lars Urheim, CEO of Ope AS. 

Ogoori was founded by furniture manufacturers Ope and Vestre, and environmental activist Rune Gaasø to tackle the ownerless ocean plastics and give it value. Ogoori is partnered up with beach cleaners, “In The Same Boat” and technology partner, Empower to track the 100% ocean plastics collected using blockchain technology.  


With Ogoori, Ope and Vestre are taking it a step further to become the best at sustainability and establish what may be the world's first company to deliver "Material as a Service '' (MaaS) through what they call a Regenerative Circular Value Chain.


The plastic must be trapped in nature and stored forever in products in a closed circular value chain. Ogoori represents a community of beach cleaners, waste, plastics and finished goods industries and customers, who jointly take responsibility where others have not, and create true regenerative economy.

Through Ogoori, the lost plastic will find new value through technology, storytelling and circular economics.

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Sustainable Value Chain 


Ogoori Ambitions

To create an impact in the shore clean-up mission, to create value in the plastic waste and drive the transformation towards a circular society.

To influence businesses to become circular and to commit to climate action by reducing emissions and build climate resilience.

Ogoori Green Goals

Ogoori is creating an impact on the environment, economy and society:

by supporting the cleanup of marine waste and avoiding its incineration, landfill and return to the ocean, 

by adopting a circular economy and influencing the industrial value chain to adapt to it.

by creating jobs in the cleanup industry and integrating sustainable development goals (SDGs) in its operation. 

Ogoori adopts an agenda for sustainability and climate actions through tackling the following SDGs:



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